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Larimar Jewelry

Larimar Jewelry


Hand crafted by local jewelry artist Leah Brown.  Larimar is a rare gemstone discovered in the remote mountain ranges of the Caribbean.  The name Larimar was given by artisan Miguel Mendez.  Lari for his daughter Larissa,  and Mar the Spanish word for sea. 

The EMF (electric and magnetic fields) protective bracelets are a combination of several powerful healing gemstones such as black tourmaline, apatite, Herkimer diamond, blue jade and amethyst.  Helping to protect one from the negative energy waves put out by our cell phones and electronic devices.  Jewelry is always the answer for anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day or just because! 

All bracelets are made with stretch elastic and fit most wrists comfortably.  Larger and smaller sizes can be custom ordered.

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