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Giftable Books

Giftable Books


Books!   The unforgettable perfect gift.  All are beautiful hardback and coffee table worthy.

Happiness Comes in Waves - Holly Daniels Christenson.  Beautiful photos of the ocean and beaches.  Providing inspiring stories and quotes.  Lessons we can learn from the ocean.  208 pages 7x7

Women Making Waves - Lara Einzig.  A visually stunning exploration of female surfers around the world.  272 pages 8x11

Feels Like Home - Laura Liess.  Relaxed interiors for a meaningful life.  256 pages 8.5x10

Beautiful Boards - Maegan Brown.  50 creative and delicious food boards that are inspiring and easy.  From breakfast to dessert.  168 pages 8x10

Share - Theo A. Michaels.  Wonderful and simple recipes visually appealing and designed to be devoured by a group.  160 pages 7.5x9

Bacon Beans Beer - The star ingredients in these recipes.  Perfect for tailgating, backyard BBQ's, camping and man-cave foods.  128 pages 7x7

The Saltwater Table - Whitney Otawka.  Recipes from the coastal South.  A customer and staff favorite.  288 pages 8x11 

Oysters - Cynthia Nims.  Recipes that bring home a taste of the sea.  144 pages 7x8

Prosecco Made Me Do It - Amy  Zavatto.  A part in a glass!  Sixty bubbly drink recipes paired with bright original artwork.  144 pages 5.5x7.5

Tequila Made Me Do It - Cecilia Rios Murrieta.  Brightly illustrated guide to making and enjoying a broad range of agave based cocktails.  144 pages 5.5x7.5

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