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Giftable Books

Giftable Books


Books!   The unforgettable perfect gift.  All are beautiful hardback and coffee table worthy.

The Saltwater Table - Whitney Otawka.  Recipes from the coastal South.  A customer and staff favorite.  288 pages 8x11

On Boards - Lisa Dawn Bolton.  Turn simple food into beautiful boards.  100+ easy recipes and ideas.  184 pages 7.5x10.5

Share - Theo A. Michaels.  Simple recipes designed to share.  160 pages 7.5x9

Oysters - Cynthia Nims.  Recipes that bring home a taste of the sea.  144 pages 7x8 

Beach Cocktails - Cheers!  Serving up thirst quenching cocktails inspired by the coast.  From Coastal Living.  288 pages 8x8

At Home Bartender Cocktails - Tristan Stephenson.  Easy expert advise on the fundamentals of home mixology.  192 pages 7.5x9

Beach House Happy - Antonia van de Meer.  Immerse yourself in routes to happiness through beach house walls, windows, doors and decor.  224 pages 11x12

A Summer Place - Tricia Foley.  An ode to Summer living.  Tips to create an airy and relaxed home.  240 pages 8x10

Underwater Dogs - Seth Casteel.  The cutest most exhilarating photographs of dogs under water that have become a sensation.  132 pages 10x8.5

Peanut Butter Puppies - Greg Murray.  An irresistible collection of 70 rescue pups in expressions of peanut butter bliss,   You should hear the giggles from customers.  144 pages 8x8

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