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Clip On Sanitizer

Clip On Sanitizer


So new and so cute.  Clip on hand sanitizers from Olika Life.  An aloe based formula with fragrances derived from essential oil blends.   65% ethyl alcohol so that germs don't stand a chance!  No harsh chemicals, hydrating and gentle on your skin.  Just clip on your bag and go!  Don't forget a refill.  Refills help to eliminate useless plastics.  Clip-ons contain 300+ mists.  Refills 1500+  

Cucumber Basil - like a crisp herbal garden

Charcoal - a touch of woodsy, cool and clean

Mint Citrus - minty with a hint of lemon, super fresh

Lavender - a calming herbal blend

Fragrance Free - for those super sensitive to fragrances

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