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Tea Collection

Tea Collection


Discover our tea collection from Tea Forte.  Ingredients are sourced from small lot USDA Organically Certified farms.  Beautifully packaged and easily giftable to your favorite tea lover!  

  • Lotus Gift Box - 2 pyramid infusers each of Vanilla Pear (white tea), Lemon Lavender (herbal tea), Mountain Oolong (oolong tea), Darjeeling Quince (black tea) and Orange Jasmine (green tea).
  • Hanami Gift Box - 10 pyramid infusers of Hanami green tea.  An award winning tea that is light and fresh with hints if Spring.
  • Jardin Gift Box - In partnership with the NY Botanical Gardens, this sophisticated collection is decorated with the garden's rare floral prints.  A portion of the proceeds support the Botanical Garden's work in plant research & conservation.  2 pyramid infusers each of Chamomile Citron (herbal), Chocolate Rose (black), Green Mango Peach (green), Strawberry Hibiscus (oolong), Vanilla Pear (white).
  • Vanilla Pear Tea Cannister - 2.46oz of loose organic white tea.  An award winning blend of vanilla, ginger and lemongrass.
  • Hanami Tea Cannister - 2.82oz of loose organic green tea with notes of cherry and flowers.
  • Brewing Cup - Double walled ceramic tumbler with stainless steel infuser.  Use with loose or bagged teas.  12oz.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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