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Happy Little Buoys

Happy Little Buoys


These little buoy ornaments are hand carved by OBX artist Sarah Gill.  Made from reclaimed teak scraps found right here in our local boat maker's shops.  Hand painted in happy colors and naturally buoyant.   Sarah's serving boards are equally magnificent.  Made with reclaimed olive wood, maple, black walnut and purple heart.  Hand wash and occasionally treat with mineral oil.  All pieces are one of a kind.  Buoy colors vary.  You may specify a color family and we will do our best to select accordingly.  

Buoy Ornaments - approximately 3"

Live Edge Olive Wood Board - approximately 23"W x 11"H

Olive Wood Board w/Purple Heart Bowtie Inlay - approximately 12"W x 9"H

Maple Board w/Walnut Inlay - 17"W x 11.5"H

Black Walnut Board w/Handle - 7"W x 15"H

Maple Heart Boards - 8"W x 9"H


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